October 31, 2017

About languages

The WP Blockchain plugin comes in two different languages, English and Spanish, and adding your language is very easy! To do so:

1. Download and install Poedit
2. Open Poedit and chose “Create new translation”.
3. Go to the WP Blockchain plugin folder and select languages/wpbc-es_ES.po.
4. Follow the instructions, fill the translations in your language, and save it to languages/wpbc-YOUR_LOCALE.po (where YOUR_LOCALE is your locale code from this list).
5. Reload your webpage, it should display the labels in your language now 😉

To translate the WP Blockchain Premium Addon, follow the same steps, editing instead languages/wpbcp-es_ES.po and saving it to languages/wpbcp-YOUR_LOCALE.po.

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