WP Blockchain 3.0.4 is here!

We just released version 3.0.4 of both the free plugin and the Premium Addon. Now WP Blockchain can stamp into the Litecoin blockchain, and rate-limiting has been optimized to avoid any issue with the block explorers and stamping service. Moreover, several bugs have been fixed. Enjoy! Stampedin Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum/Classic

First release of WP Blockchain!

Blockchain lands on WordPress! The framework that powers 25% of all websites on Earth can have its content stamped in a few clicks thanks to WP Blockchain. This brand-new plugin uses Blockchain stamping services and online block explorers to allow all your textual content to be stamped, forever, in a decentralized, trustless manner. Enjoy all Read more about First release of WP Blockchain![…]

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