First release of WP Blockchain!

Blockchain lands on WordPress! The framework that powers 25% of all websites on Earth can have its content stamped in a few clicks thanks to WP Blockchain.

This brand-new plugin uses Blockchain stamping services and online block explorers to allow all your textual content to be stamped, forever, in a decentralized, trustless manner.

Enjoy all the benefits of Blockchain stamping from your WordPress! See what WP Blockchain can offer you.

6 thoughts on “First release of WP Blockchain!

    • Hi JF. We were still configuring this website so we hadn’t made it visible yet. Now you can see this article’s stamp right after its content. If you click such stamp, you can also see the full stamp certificate. Best regards.

  • Is it possible to stamp a file (like a word or a acrobat file) uploaded by a user of my wordpress ? This file uploaded would be only available via admin space, not on a public page of the website.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi JF.

      No, the WP Blockchain plugin doesn’t currently allow stamping attachments/files, but it is one of our very next features to be implemented!

      Also, while any stamp in WP Blockchain respects the public/private status of the content it is referring to, attachments in WordPress are all public (since they are uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/..), so we can’t ensure we will allow private attachments stamping.

      We’ll let you know either way. Thank you for your interest!

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